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Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters Review

Percy Jackson The Sea of Monsters

Rick Riordan

Fantasy Fiction/Adventure

279 Pages

Percy Jackson returns with his friends in the second installment of the series.  This time, his best friend Grover is in trouble and it is up to Percy and Annabeth to save him.  Their camp is also having trouble with their magical borders so Percy must find the solution to both problems during his quest.  Along with their new friend Tyson, whom Percy learns a startling secret about, they set off to find Grover and save the camp.

Percy’s travels take him to a location where many other heroes have journeyed before, a place full of wonder and danger – the Sea of Monsters.  Percy’s old friend and arch-enemy Luke is back in this book, and has the beginning of an army of monsters under his command.  Percy will have to battle his way through monsters, tricks, loss, and other exciting surprises that lay in wait for him.  In this book, Percy is beginning to understand and control the powers he has that come from being Poseidon’s son.  While he still has a lot to learn, he begins to comprehend the command that he has over water as well as the creatures that dwell within the sea.

If you enjoyed the first Percy Jackson book, I would definitely recommend continuing on the journey with Percy and picking up this second book.  Follow along with Percy and his companions as they meet up with more gods and face more famous monsters from classic Greek mythology.  This is also a fun way to get interested in Greek Mythology, as I have learned a lot about it just from reading the books in this series.  Much like the first book, this isn’t the most complicated read for older readers, but I still think it is entertaining and a fun novel.  There is adventure, action, and surprises that await the small group of heroes and it is fun to read along and see how Percy will manage his way through the unique sets of challenges that present themselves.


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