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Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse Review

Percy Jackson The Titan’s Curse

Rick Riordan

Fantasy Fiction/Adventure

312 Pages

Percy starts out this novel by going scouting for other half-bloods to bring them to camp, as he was.  Grover has sent for help so Percy and Annabeth answer the call.  They find trouble in a new monster that proves a worthy adversary and takes his friend captive.  Now Percy must join together with new allies under a timid trust in order to achieve a mutual goal.  Luke returns in this third book and continues to grow in power and followers as he strives to overthrow the gods and return the Titans back to power.  It is becoming clear that Percy will have to best Luke in order to protect Olympus and assist the gods in stopping the titans.

Percy continues to have dreams that link him to his enemies to give him glimpses of what they are up to.  However, is this a blessing or a curse?  Percy knows he must act swiftly in order to save his friend from certain death.  Again, the group has a very short timeline to accomplish its goals, which is becoming a recurring theme in the series, and they have a long way to go.  They travel across the country, with adventure and misfortune meeting them every step of the way.  The prophecy that foretold their journey promised difficulty and even death, and they are not let down.  This book takes a darker turn than the previous ones as the enemies and dangers Percy faces become more real.

Percy meets even more characters from Greek mythology, as well as receives unexpected help from unexpected places.  Will he make it to his goal in order to save his friend?  And who will be lost along the way?  This book is perhaps the most exciting in the series so far because there is more tragedy and more sacrifices in the coming war between the gods and the titans.  Again, if you enjoyed the first two books in the series, I would recommend that you continue on and see what is in store for Percy and his friends in the next chapter of his adventures.


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