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Percy Jackson The Battle of the Labyrinth Review

Percy Jackson The Battle of the Labyrinth

Rick Riordan

Fantasy Fiction/Adventure

361 Pages

The inevitable battle between the gods and the titans continues to grow closer in the 4th installment of the Percy Jackson series.  In my opinion, this is the best book so far; it has the most action and the most dangerous situations, making it the most exciting.  It begins again with trouble following Percy to his new school, causing him to escape just in the nick of time.  Percy makes his way back to Camp Half-Blood and finds that his best friend Grover is in trouble as well.  His search for Pan has proved fruitless and unless he can find him soon, he will be forced into exile.

Once again, the tight knit group of friends must band together for a quest, this time with Annabeth leading the excursion.  Together, the four adventurers enter into the ancient Labyrinth.  It is a place designed to trick and torture them, where many who venture in never make it out.  They have several other things to worry about as they are making their way through the Labyrinth, such as what their old acquaintance Nico has been up to since he left camp, and Grover’s search for Pan, which must come to an end soon.  This novel is filled with nonstop adventure and dangerous situations, which Riordan devises clever ways for the group to get out of.

Near the end of the novel, when Percy again comes face-to-face with his arch-nemesis Luke, he is shocked and horrified by what he finds.  Grover’s search for Pan finally comes to a surprising end as well in this novel, and Grover matures and becomes more than he ever believed he could be.  There is an impending battle scene that is escalating as the novel creeps towards the end, and doesn’t disappoint in danger and excitement.  This is an exciting pre-conclusion to what I look forward to in the next and final novel in the series.  The battle for power and control must come to an end in the final chapter of the series, and I am excited to see how it ends as Percy finally discovers the true meaning of his prophecy that has been haunting him for the past 4 years.


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