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Matched book review

Matched book


Ally Condie

Dystopian Fiction/Romance

366 Pages


Cassia lives in a dystopian society where everything is decided for her. What/when to eat, what she studies, what she can be. And, who she will one day marry. When kids turn 17, if they ever want to be married, they have to choose the option of being Matched. Then they will one day enter into the arranged marriage that the Society has deemed perfect for them. I like reading books like this about an undisclosed dystopian future, because anything can happen. Also, the books always seem to serve as a warning of sorts. This book reminded me a lot of Fahrenheit 451, because there is a definite message of censorship to it as well. The Society has gotten rid of all books, music, and poetry except for the “hundred best” of each one. Conveniently, none of the chosen works talk about thinking for yourself, rebellion, or anything else that might serve to ignite any sort of uprising again the Society.


Cassia has a unique situation as she is Matched. A face other than her Match flashes in front of her and now she is left with a choice; to follow the society’s plan or to follow her own heart. This is definitely a love story, one that I think girls would enjoy, but it is one that I think guys will like reading as well. The story is just a fun one to read about, because it is also about rebellion and choice. Cassia doesn’t have a lot of options, because she has so little freedom, and the punishments for anything considered rebellious can be severe.


This is a trilogy, with the second book already out for a while and the third book released earlier this year. I can’t wait to finish the trilogy and find out what happens. If you have read Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, or even Twilight, I think you will enjoy this book. It is similar to the love triangle scenario that is prevalent in other books, but the underlying themes and messages in this novel make it an especially fun read. There’s no bad language or anything disturbing in this novel, and I would recommend it to anyone. My wife read it after me at my suggestion and loved it as well; it is currently her favorite book over Hunger Games, which I thought nothing would ever top for her. Check it out, I think you’ll enjoy it!


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